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  • With Over 50 Years of Experience, Cressman Sanitation Serves Hartford Well

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    April 17, 2019
        You’ve seen their trucks driving around town, or maybe you are already a customer, but Cressman Sanitation is Hartford’s local garbage collection service. With over 50 years of family history in the trash business, you know you’ll be dealing with a company that knows what they are doing and how to do it right.

        Cressman Sanitation began in early 2013 by Johnn Cressman. The Cressman name may sound familiar as Johnn's parents owned Cressman Sanitation from 1986 to 2000. Johnn Cressman started out in the garbage business very young, helping with the family business, and learning the ropes of the garbage and recycling services. It all started when Cressman's grandfather, Dale Bolte, started Bolte Sunrise Sanitary Service in the 1960's. Now, as a 3rd generation trash hauler and going strong, Cressman Sanitation's goal is to make each and every one of their customers happy and satisfied with their strong customer service and taking care of their customer's garbage and recycling needs.

        Johnn grew up in Hartford and graduated from West Central High School in 2002. Growing up in both the garbage business and Hartford has been a benefit for Johnn. “Growing up, my parents always had the trash business,” said Johnn. This experience has allowed him to take the company from 500 customers in 2013 to more than 4,500 today. It wasn’t until 2014 that Johnn would expand Cressman Sanitation to Hartford.

        “I really wanted to haul trash in my home town….so things really fell into place,” said Cressman about working in Hartford. Cressman Sanitation services more than 1,000 customers in the Hartford area. Since Cressman is so connected to the Hartford area, he prides his company on the ability to connect and give back. “If we find we have some extra money, we use it for sponsoring events for the school and community,” said Cressman. You can count on Cressman Sanitation as Hartford’s local provider.
        Cressman Sanitation offers a variety of services. They offer residential curb-side disposal, small commercial trash service, and recycling. “If a driver or I notice a lot of recycling in their trash, we make personal calls about providing recycling bins. We try to help the environment as much as we can.”

        For more information about Cressman Sanitation, call them at 605-528-5600 or visit their website at www.cressmansanitationsf.com
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