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  • Edward Jones - Abby O'Hara Opens Office in Hartford

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    August 28, 2019
    Upon moving to the Hartford area five years ago, Abby O’Hara quickly realized her aspiration to make an impact in the lives of her neighbors.
    Her husband is originally from Hartford, South Dakota, and O’Hara herself is from the small South Dakota town of Roslyn.
    Now, as the financial advisor of the local Edward Jones branch here in Hartford, O’Hara enjoys the opportunity to help guide her neighbors into states of financial well-being.
    “For me, it was about wanting to do something impactful in the community — helping clients reach their goals, whether through retirement, financing kids’ college education, or otherwise.”
    Her career motivation has never been strictly focused on the what, but more so the why.

    As soon as O’Hara met with the corporate representatives for Edward Jones, it became clear that the company’s hard emphasis on local, service-oriented representation and their established financial principles was an opportune fit for her intentions.
    “With each individual that walks into my office, I have the tools and backing of a Fortune 500 company that allow me to apply established processes to help get them to their end goal,” says O’Hara.
    While O’Hara certainly has her own set of investing principles that have performed well in her personal life, she understands that each client carries their own unique philosophies and goals. The objective for Edward Jones and O’Hara, thus, is to help individual investors develop an investment strategy geared toward their unique, long-term goals.
    Saving for and living in retirement are most commonly thought of, but equally important are saving for kids’ education (perhaps children and grandchildren), preparing for unexpected life events, and saving on taxes through wise selection of investment vehicles. Each of these factors are heavily assessed throughout O’Hara’s development of a client’s financial strategy.
    Achieving these unique goals, however, is just as much up to the client’s own level of commitment.
    “I work with everyone. The important thing is that my clients are serious about their goals. Ideally, I partner with them for life.”
    In other words, while O’Hara is here to help you grow your wealth, the responsibility ultimately lies with you.

    Freshly relocated into her new office at 304 W. SD Hwy 38 Suite 130, O’Hara looks forward to meeting clients face-to-face every day. With a local branch, clients can rest assured knowing their financial advisor is right next door.
    O’Hara encourages clients to ask any questions they may have regarding their finances. The worst possible case in the working relationship, O’Hara says, is having someone lose sleep from anxiety about their decisions.
    There is simply no reason a client can’t develop a plan for furthering their financial goals.
    O’Hara herself puts it best.
    “There’s nothing better [to me] than having an appointment with a client who thinks they can’t retire, then showing them how they can get there.”
    A dream without a plan will remain just that — a dream. But with O’Hara as a guide, those dreams are well on their way towards reality.

    Abby O'Hara, Financial Advisor
    (605) 221-3350